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Web Design Trends: Spring 2018

What’s going on in the world of web design? Here are a few things I’m seeing more often in contemporary website designs. Modern layouts, trending colors and awesome new techniques to try follow.

I’ve bucketed a group of conventions I’m seeing into a group of 6 trends. Each one is discussed, examples given, following the jump.

  1. Bright Colors
  2. Subtle (and other) Animations
  3. The Loss or Escape of Containers
  4. Random Decorative Elements
  5. Exploration of Angles
  6. Continued Glimpses of Brutalism

Bright colors, animations and random decorative elements are each alive in this first example. There’s a lot of play in the z-space. That is, the background, middle-ground and foreground are each starting to get their own opportunities to shine.

intercomm messenger screenshot

View site: Intercomm Messenger CRM Chatbot


Great movement, angle exploration, breaking out of the boxes, scroll-based animations, depth of field exploration all make this event planning website one to behold.

screenshot of the tame website

View the site: Tame – Event Planning 


Bookblock packs a lot of animation with mixed media types into its homepage. They also use parallax effects and include various instances of what I’ll call mixed media layering ~ where an authentic image of a book might be silhouetted with hand-drawn animations creating a rich effect.

bookblock website screengrab

View the site: Bookblock Custom Journals


More examples below. 🙂 Enjoy.

Starbucks gets into things with a random decorative elements that animate giving this login page some style.

gif of startbucks website animation

(Available when you visit a Starbucks.)


The escape the container effort is strong with this one. Handwritten and hand-drawn embellishments are part of the playfulness of this site.

sketchize screengrab

View site Sketchize Wireframing Tool


More exploration of angles and use of transform: skew CSS.

site screenshot

web design trend inspiration

View the site: Conduit CRM Software


Brutalism continues its emergence with this site built to give you inspiration. Each quote links to a live tweet from the rapper.

kanye inspire me screengrab

View the site: KayneInspire.ME