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Organizing Your Online Space and Time

Originally posted on the netSpray blog.

One of the beauties of being online is in clicking around, traveling from one location to another. The ease with which one can move from document to photo to video back to comment space is intoxicating, and something we’ll be forced to deal with as online activities continue to push into our daily lives and workplace situations.

world-onlineWith the massive amount of information being created today it is more important than ever that filtering tools and practices continue to evolve.

To that purpose I’ve committed to writing three posts on tools and practices that will help you organize, maximize and better enjoy the ever-evolving online space.

Decreasing the Noise, Dialing in the Signal
is a post that will reflect the state of information overkill. From a litany of networks to streams flowing with information, I’ll show you how to capture what matters and eliminate the annoyances.

Where did I leave my brain last? Is a post that will center on the evolutionary tales of this technology soaked, Internet-influenced age. What are the implications of our new found addictions, what positions might we take and where things appear to be heading are matters we’ll delve into during this discussion.

And finally, Conquering the World with Your iPhone will feature a hodgepodge of tools, techniques and case studies to help you gain control of your online time with clarity and style. We’ll provide you with a bird’s eye view of the techniques and tools used by power-users to organize and maximize their time online.

In conclusion, I hope you’ll bookmark this and the coming posts, give them your full consideration and comment on, share, and post your favorites as we unpack important aspects of the online space, how it relates to you, and how you can better navigate the space to maximize your time online.

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