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Leadership is needed in every area of live. In our personal lives, in education, in business and in our civic lives reliable, trustworthy leadership is needed.

Whether we’re children just learning to understand the world around us, or if we’re the parents who must teach those children we need to possess, practice and to understand leadership.


Before we can lead others we ought first to find and to practice our ability to lead or begin to master our own selves.

I often find it valuable to review and to consider perspectives on integrity, self-discipline, objectivity, patience, personal-drive, goal-setting, ambition and balance as they apply to self-mastery.

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Practicing the Fruit of the Spirit

7 Habits of Highly Effective People (YouTube)

Leadership Assessment Process (scholarly article)

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The If/Then Goal-setting Device from Harvard Business Review


Once we have a good grasp of who we are as an individual (our own strengths, weaknesses, values, attitudes and actions) we ought to arrive at a good place to – one, provide others with a reliable sense of who we are, – and two, to understand our genuine need of others. I firmly believe our own success is inherently coupled with our ability to work well with others.

🗄️Articles & Resources

How To Win Friends and Influence People (YouTube; full audio book)

📝Notes & Topics

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