SEO Tips, CSS4 Variables, & Design Thinking for Meetings

Interested in SEO, CSS or how Design Thinking might impact you? Here are a handful of articles to help us each live a little more intelligent and inspired. 😉

Design Thinking + Meetings

The topic of meetings comes to surface in a recent piece from Harvard Business Review. Plan a Better Meeting with Design Thinking explores how using ideo’s design thinking principles can minimize time suck and increase potential for getting results from your meetings.

They suggest;

  1. Develop empathy – who will be in the meeting and what are their needs?
  2. Set a frame – are you and everyone attending clear on the purpose of the meeting? If the meeting was wildly successful what will those in attendance do, think, feel as a result?
  3. Design creatively – meetings aren’t just about getting things done; they can also be points to develop team culture.
  4. Test your design

In sum, the article provides a potentially fresh way of looking at meetings, for improved outcomes.

Custom Properties aka CSS4 Variables

On the web design front, I’ve been starting to explore CSS4 Variables. Also known as custom properties, the use of variables allows for an element (such as color) to be used throughout your code. Already a native component of popular processors such as SASS or Less ~ CSS variables are ready to use in almost all modern browsers.

Google developers and CSS Tricks have solid write-ups on the subject; each demonstrating scenario and use cases.
I’ve setup a codepen demo to try it out. Give it a go.


css4 variables


Lastly, RankBrain is a Google search engine algorithm update that uses machine learning to score and position websites in SERP. In late February, Search Engine Watch offered readers 15 actionable SEO tips to help achieve ranking success in light of the RankBrain update.

Their advice includes:

A headline analyzer and the LSI graph are two resources shared in that article.


Bonus: Ever consider programming with Python? Author Al Sweigart offers a great set of free-to-read online books on the subject here: Invent with Python

That’s it; till next time!


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