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Light Image Opacity on Hover: CSS Transitions

Occasionally, you want to create an image effect where the default state of an image is a little darker. Then, when a larger-screen user hovers over the image, it brightens to encourage interaction. With this snippet and codepen setup, you can achieve that type of effect.

See the Pen hover setup – do it // TMT by Chris Drinkut (@ChrisDrinkut) on CodePen.

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Line Animation: CSS Animations

I’ve written a simple, but fun animation that creates a Knight-Rider ‘esk left-to-right continuous CSS animation. The keyframes rule is required for animations of this type (different from CSS transitions). Once you name an animation, you can create it and place it. Even give it stage or percentage-based changes, using a 0 to 100% scale.

See the Pen Animated Line by Chris Drinkut (@ChrisDrinkut) on CodePen.

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Pulsating Animation with Pseudo Classes: CSS Animations FTW

Here are a couple CSS animations working together and with pseudo selectors too, for a combined effect. It’s worth noting that CSS animations have pulse as a potential key-value pairing. Additionally, here, the use of pseudo class selectors has enabled us to create a singular element that has, essentially, three different animations. These are set up on delays as as to allow for each animation to have it’s own time to shine. 😉

See the Pen Pulsing loader animation by Chris Drinkut (@ChrisDrinkut) on CodePen.

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Single Post Title: WordPress Template Tags

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